Little Scribers Corner

These engaging workbooks are designed to make the journey of learning handwriting and letter formation an exciting adventure.

Specially crafted to nurture pre-writing skills in preschoolers and toddlers.

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Cursive Style

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Pen Control and Line Tracing Exercise Workbook

  • The initial section is dedicated to achieving mastery in print line tracing.
  • The second section focuses on developing pre-writing skills through pen control exercises.
  • The third section is designed to assist toddlers in mastering letter formation.
  • Experience an added treat with our delightful coloring pages section.

Unlocking Cursive: A Dynamic, Hands-on Introduction to Letter Formation

  • Skillfully crafted to empower young learners, we begin by focusing on line tracing exercises.
  • We then seamlessly transition to exercises that enhance pen control.
  • Fine motor skills are cultivated through the integration of letter recognition and the tracing of both uppercase and lowercase cursive styles.
  • Versatile Learning: Suitable for both home and classroom use.

100+ Sight High Frequency Tracing Words:

  • Enhanced Letter Recognition: Children can engage in tracing a diverse array of everyday words, which not only sharpens their letter recognition skills but also deepens their understanding of words.
  • Meaningful Vocabulary: The carefully selected vocabulary is chosen to resonate with the vibrant world of young readers, ensuring that learning is both meaningful and relatable.
  • Connecting Learning to Life: By incorporating relevant words from their everyday experiences, this book bridges the gap between learning and life, making the educational journey more engaging and relatable for children.
  • Interactive Coloring: Children can actively participate by coloring both the word and the corresponding object that illustrates it, adding an interactive and creative dimension to their learning experience.

Learning Through Play: Puzzles, Games, and Activity Galore for Kids!

  • Hours of Entertainment and Learning: Dive into an activity book that offers endless hours of both entertainment and educational value. It's designed to ignite a love for learning through interactive and enjoyable activities.
  • Diverse Activities: From puzzles and brain teasers to captivating challenges and intriguing mysteries, this book boasts a wide array of activities that not only entertain but also promote cognitive development, enhance problem-solving skills, and encourage critical thinking.
  • Vibrant Full-Color Pages: Measuring a generous 8.5 by 11 inches, each page of this book comes to life with vivid full-color illustrations, making the activities even more engaging and visually appealing.
  • Fun and Interactive: Every activity in this book is carefully crafted to be both fun and interactive, ensuring that young minds are not only entertained but also actively engaged in the learning process.